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Broadly the company operates into the following segments

API Cephalosporin API

API General Category API

API High Potent Active Ingredients (Oncology, Steroids, Peptides)

Our Core Strenghts

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Research and Development

Akums Lifesciences Ltd., a leading API supplier, makes its Research & Development (R&D) an integral part of business strategy. With research and development sites worldwide, our latest R&D endeavor has led to notable progress in chemical synthesis, fermentation, high potency APIs, synthetic peptides, vitamins, steroids process development. Our foray into R&D produces various API compounds, helping our customers to get their hands on the latest APIs in the market. Our R&D is bound to intensify process efficiency and manufacturing technology to help customers remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Service, Quality and Compliance

Akums API, we believe that great things come from great partnerships. We thrive on Close collaboration with our customers and are committed to providing them with exceptional experiences. Partnership together, we help our customers bring their high-quality products to market efficiently and effectively.
Quality has been the cornerstone upon which Akums api is built, enabling us to consistently deliver top-quality products and services. Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. Our stringent policies and procedures ensure we are in full compliance with regulatory requirements, environmental standards, and technological trends.